Complete range of
Chainsaws, Lawnmowers, & Strimmers

Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath. Phone: 044 - 61125

EUGENE O' NEILLS of Castlepollard sell and service the complete range of Husqvarna Chainsaws, Lawnmowers (Powered & Ride-On), and Strimmers. We will be delighted to answer any query you may have regarding Sales or Service. Call us on 044 - 61125

We build chain saws for professionals and casual users alike, but every model is designed to meet the high standards of functionality, durability and easy handling that professional users demand. This means that they have excellent power-to-weight ratios and all models have a high degree of built-in safety. In order to make them as easy to use as possible they have slim saw bodies with smooth undersides and a high centre of gravity. Husqvarna chain saws are built to a vibration damping principle that we call LowVib. Most have Air Injection, which protects the engine and means that you don't need to clean the air filter as often. Most of our saws have a Smart Start function that makes them very easy to start. They also have an inertia-activated chain brake, chain catcher stud, throttle lock to prevent accidental operation and a chain guard on the rear handle. The front handle is angled to give you a better grip and a convenient combination control makes it easy to set the choke and throttle for starting. "G" -versions are equipped with heated handles.


If there is only one feature to look for in a saw, it is Air Injection. This unique centrifugal filtering system actually throws up to 97% of the saw-dust and debris out of the saw before it has a chance to reach the filter.

It works so well that Husqvarna chain saws run longer and stronger between filter cleanings.

By keeping the filter clean, Air Injection allows the saw to run longer at optimum power. Bottom line - Air Injection means a Husky saw that keeps you cutting longer between filter cleanings.

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Husqvarna's range of lawn care products is so comprehensive that you can be confident of finding a machine that meets your needs perfectly. Husqvarna lawn mowers have efficient and reliable engines and conveniently placed starter handles so you don't have to bend over to start them. Several models have reduced emission engines and catalytic converters as standard. Features common to every model are their ease of use and their neat, uniform results. Several models use the BioClip system, which shreds cuttings so finely that they disappear into the lawn. Others use the TrioClip system, which lets you choose from three different methods of handling grass cuttings. Some models also have the ACS system, which uses a powerful blast of air to ensure that cuttings end up in the collector. Certain of our self-propelled mowers have continuously variable speed control to ensure optimum engine performance and mowing results.

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Our commitment to developing products that meet each user's individual needs has led to one of the world's largest ranges of trimmers and brushcutters. Many of these machines are equipped with Husqvarna's E-TECH engine, an innovation that gives high performance combined with lower emissions. Many of our products have vibration-damped handles that are based on our LowVib system. Handles and harnesses are ergonomically designed and our machines are carefully balanced so that you can work for long periods with less strain on your back and shoulders. Brushcutter shafts are set at a slight angle so that you can sweep a larger area without twisting your back. They are also equipped with a throttle lock that prevents accidental operation. The new Whisper trimmer line gives our trimmers lower noise levels and faster acceleration.

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